tashas coffee

Finding the very best coffee for our customers has been an exciting journey. We tasted coffees from all over the world. We sat, we debated, we learned, we researched, and we tasted some more. We have always insisted on the best ingredients so, of course, we wanted to find the absolute best coffee possible. 

During this journey, we went to Rwanda. We visited the growers, we learned about the process from the picking of the “cherries”, to the washing, to the hand sorting of the green beans right through to the roasting. It was fascinating.

Rwanda is a truly magnificent country. Personally, I was moved by its beauty and by the dedication of its people to its transformation. I realised that, through the development of tashas own coffee, we – our customers and our team – have the ability to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the farmers and their families.

  • To this end, a portion of every cup of coffee sold in every tashas store will go to specific projects to enhance the lives of the people that have brought you this coffee.

    In order to create the perfect, balanced flavour just for tashas, we have used a blend of Rwandan high grown bourbon beans, Tanzanian AA and a trace of Ugandan. We are very proud that it is 100% African.

    It is an intense, thick, sweet coffee with a dark chocolate flavor and a savoury finish. You will also notice some honeycomb, wild flower and wild berry notes.

    We hope you enjoy tashas very own coffee – sourced by us just for you.

    With love,


    P.S. Follow our community efforts in Rwanda and find out more about our coffee on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook - @tashascafe #tashascoffee.

    tashas coffee is available at all tashas locations in South Africa. Coffee bags available in 250g and 1kg.