the tashas story

“My roots ground me. People, beautiful places and great food inspire me.”

I come from a long line of food lovers, passionate home cooks and chefs. My fondest childhood memories were formed at my father’s side in his restaurants, in our kitchen at home and at the table sharing meals elbow-to-elbow with loved ones. Growing up in a Greek family taught me that so much of the good life happens when we’re cooking and eating together. I learned early on that food is almost
always better when shared.

Back in 2005 when I opened the first tashas, my dream was to pioneer a new way of eating out in South Africa. I wanted to share the joy of my childhood experiences in a lifestyle café that would transform conventional ideas about daytime eating. With a team of like-minded, creatives, we set out to create the kind of spaces where you would experience something familiar and welcoming but also,
exciting, and contemporary.

I believe that the setting you eat in is every bit as important as what’s on your plate. Today tashas has become an extended family of 21 restaurants – 15 in South Africa and 6 in the UAE – and all of them are spaces where food and conversation go hand in hand.

  • This is the vision that drives us to deliver unpretentious, honest food and to create the elegant yet relaxed environments where you are welcomed and feel at home.

    Our interiors are inspired by the elegant, stylish cafés you’ll find in Paris and New York or London and Athens, but most of all, they are inviting spaces designed for sharing.

    Every good chef and restaurateur know that great meals depend on quality ingredients. We never skimp on this nor do we compromise on freshness. Unlike many restaurants, nothing is pre-prepared at tashas. Everything is made when you order it. This has proved our biggest challenge but has also been our greatest success. It means that our meals are simple, unfussy, and always absolutely fresh.

    At the heart of the tashas story is you. Our vision is founded on the sociable, generous way of life I grew up with.

    At tashas, hospitality is a way of life.

  • And seldom does a day pass that we don’t draw on our late father’s inspiration:
    that the heart of the business is to serve great food, take good care of people, and make sure they always come back for more.

    Who knew back then that by identifying the niche between traditional coffee shops and fine dining, tashas would pioneer a new kind of eating experience.

    We are often asked what tashas’ secret to success is.

    It’s really very simple: It is all in the details. We strive to focus on every little detail. We serve a quality product, love our customers, look after our staff and make our stores look beautiful. It is in every day and in every detail that makes the big picture.