inspired by

Every tashas is a little bit different and a little bit the same.

When I started tashas, I wanted to make sure that each one was unique. While all of our restaurants have a common DNA – sophisticated, yet homely and welcoming - each one has an individual “inspiration”.

This influences the bespoke interiors as well as the food we serve. On the “Inspired By” menu there is an icon that depicts the inspiration behind each restaurant.

If I wasn’t a restaurateur, I would probably be an interior designer. Designing beautiful spaces that people want to spend time in is my passion. Being able to collaborate with talented designers brings me great joy. We think about every element and work with timeless materials that age well – marble that will wear naturally, wood that will develop a rich patina and terrazzo that can withstand high foot traffic.

  • We also work with incredible artists. Their work is found every one of our stores and each in a different way – including the book installation above the family table at tashas Rosebank, the hand crafted paper tea pots, cups and saucers above the counter at tashas Hyde Park and the stunningly engineered furniture and lights.

    We hope to continually delight and surprise customers by constantly evolving. As a team, it allows us the ability to continually innovate and create new menus and spaces.

    We hope our spaces are both comfortable and sophisticated, kind of like putting your feet on an insanely expensive couch.