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“I’m passionate about curating memorable moments with great food, warm hospitality and beautiful environments.”

Each of our restaurants is an unmistakable part of the larger tashas family but each one also has its own distinct personality, something unique that sets it apart. The individual ‘personalities’ have been inspired by different periods in time or cultures from around the world. You can order off the same Classic Menu with all your familiar favourites in every tashas and you’ll find a
different Inspired By menu in each one too.

The Inspired By menus are our take on traditional dishes from the place that inspired each restaurant’s theme. There are tashas that evoke the tapas bars of Spain, the classic bistros of fashionable Paris, the spice-infused kitchens of the Levant, the bustling New York deli, and many more.

  • All of our 21 restaurants share the tashas design aesthetic but they each have their own character which is carried through from menu to beautiful bespoke interior.

    Every element of our restaurants has tashas written all over it. We are meticulous about the details because we know that when we take care of the small things it makes the biggest difference to your experience.

    We aim to surprise and delight you by constantly evolving and innovating in line with the times. As a team, it gives us creative licence to constantly reinvent ourselves.