• breakfast

    our free range eggs may be ordered fried, scrambled or poached
    *these breakfasts are served with a side order of toast, butter & jam

    *classic 76 
     two eggs, beef bacon, two lamb sausages, mushrooms & tomato

    *mini 55 
     one egg, beef bacon, one lamb sausage, mushrooms & tomato

    breakfast royale (v) 52 
     two poached eggs, asparagus or spinach, lemon sauce & seeded bread
    option of salmon 109 / option of beef bacon 74

    monaco (v) 55 
     poached egg, wilted spinach, feta spread, red onion, spicy black mushrooms on seeded or rye bread

    hummus toastie (v) 68 
     hummus, rocket, avo, roasted tomatoes, feta, poached egg, za’atar spice & toasted village bread

    brioche french toast (v) 54 
     brioche served with mixed berries or italian cherry preserve & crème anglaise

    breakfast pretzel bun 74 
     pretzel bun, halloumi, rocket, fried egg, roasted tomatoes, beef bacon, mayo, mushroom & onion chutney

    *plain omelette 42 
     our free-range omelettes are made with three eggs or egg whites

    spanish omelette (v) 68 
     cheddar, caramelised onion, mushrooms, tomato, sliced potato & mild fresh chilli

    *plain scrambled 42 
    our free-range omelettes are made with three eggs or egg whites

    salmon scrambled 80 
     smoked salmon trout, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese & chives

    mariachi (v) 74 
     scrambled eggs, green chilli, coriander, tomato, parmesan, spring onion, avo & lime, served with a tortilla

    tourlou tourlou (v) 57 
     scrambled eggs, inova potatoes, feta, napoletana, grilled onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, za'atar spice & micro greens

    healthy appetite

    fruit salad (v) 38
    add muesli + 17 / add greek yoghurt + 17

    acai bowl (v) 52
     banana, acai, blueberries, dates, cacao powder, coconut water, almond milk, strawberry, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds

    oats (v) 52
     oats, almond milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, almonds, chia seeds, banana & coconut flakes,
    served with maple yoghurt

    creamed avo on toast (v) 80
    creamed avo & almond dressing, fennel, labneh, chives, parsley, spiced pistachio & cucumber on
    seeded multi-grain
    egg option + 6

    banana split breakfast (v)
    passion fruit & orange yoghurt, topped with banana, pistachios, almonds, chia, figs, pomegranate jewels,
    honey & mint
    berry option 72 / citrus option 62 

    food for thought

    teriyaki chicken ramen bowl 76
     947 calories / 3962kj
    grilled chicken breast, ramen noodles, sesame oil, chicken stock, red peppers, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, teriyaki, baby spinach, spring onion, coriander, garlic & chilli sauce

    chicken brown rice salad 84
     gluten-free / low calorie / high in vitamin b /
    340 calories / 1428kj
    middle eastern spiced chicken breast, heirloom tomatoes, gem lettuce, brown rice, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, sumac, parsley, low fat lemon yoghurt, pomegranate dressing

    lettuce cup burgers 82
     gluten-free / 519 calories / 2172kj
    two 75g homemade mini beef burger patties, gem lettuce, brown mushrooms, gherkins, tomato, cucumber, red onion, salsa verde & sweet potato wedges

    * all prices are inclusive of 5% vat.
    variations to menu items will be charged extra

    sandwiches & burgers

    prepared on a ciabatta roll - unless otherwise stated

    fillet steak roll 110
     150g sliced grilled fillet steak, caramelised onions, tomato, mushrooms, rocket & dijon mustard

    tashas panini 78
     one chicken breast, avo, black mushrooms, feta, lettuce & tomato

    schnitzel sarmie 68
     one crumbed chicken breast, tomato, avo, red onion salsa & french dressing

    mini beef burger
     two 100g homemade mini beef burger patties, red onion, tomato, gem lettuce, tzatziki, sesame seed buns & fries
    plain 86 cheese 93

    fried chicken burger 66
     crispy laban chicken breast, roasted garlic mayo, iceberg lettuce, white cabbage slaw, coriander, gherkin, tomato & fries

    lobster roll 152
     toasted brioche bun filled with canadian lobster, celery, chives, marie rose sauce & black seaweed roe, served with fries, rocket & parmesan salad

    veg on toast (v) 68
    black mushrooms, creamed feta, kale pesto, roasted tomatoes, red onion, heirloom tomatoes, rocket, pea shoots & toasted village bread


    toasted mexican flat bread

    the brazilian 74
     grilled chicken, lemon, chilli & coriander marinade, cheddar cheese served with yoghurt

    the mexican 95
    sauteed beef mince with chillies, beans, red onion, coriander, cumin & emmentaler, served with gaucamole & spicy tomato relish

    the greenland (v) 64
    avo, feta, pistachio nuts, mozzarella, baby spinach, rocket & basil pesto mayo

    toasted sandwiches

    a choice of white, brown, rye or seeded bread

    cheese & tomato (v) 47
    chicken mayo 55
    beef bacon & avo 52
    beef bacon & mozzarella 55
    beef bacon & egg 52


    quinoa beetroot (v) half 57 / full 82
    pickled beetroot, quinoa, hazelnuts, feta, grilled onion, baby spinach, chives, sumac & pomegranate dressing
    chicken option half 74 full 102

    texas salad (v) half 72 / full 93
     corn tossed with feta, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, basil leaves & rocket in a light basil pesto lemon dressing
    chicken option half 85 full 112

    butternut salad (v) half 86 / full 112
     roasted butternut, gem lettuce, roasted tomatoes, pine nuts, avo & a choice of feta or goat cheese, orange & mustard dressing

    chopped house salad (v) half 63 / full 95
    avo, cabbage, gem lettuce, cherry tomato, red onion, coriander, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, black sesame seeds & lemon vinaigrette
    chicken option half 80 full 112

    anatoli salad (v) 89
     heirloom tomatoes, middle eastern spiced halloumi, cucumber, red onion, mint, tomato chips, bulgur wheat, parsley, pomegranate jewels & pomegranate dressing

    feta quinoa fritter salad (v) 62
    gluten-free quinoa, feta & pea fritters, labneh, seed & nut mix, gem lettuce, cucumber, chives, cauliflower & lemon vinaigrette

    chicken crunchy salad 78 
    chicken, white cabbage, grilled corn, beans, radish, parsley, almonds, lemon & tahini yoghurt, spring onion & lemon vinaigrette

    cranberry seed salad (v) 58 
    baby gem lettuce, chives, rocket, pumpkin seeds, parsley, coriander, croutons, parmesan, cranberries, avo & wholegrain mustard dressing

    easy eating

    allow 20 minutes preparation time / extra 10 minutes for meat well done
    *you may swop starch for starch on mains

    parmesan & couscous crusted chicken 97
     two chicken breasts coated in couscous & parmesan served with fennel, broccoli & herb salad topped with a dollop of goats cheese
    half portion 73

    chicken prego plate 80
     two chicken breasts basted with prego sauce, served with a portuguese chopped salad & homemade potato crisps

    lemon chicken 74
     cubed chicken breasts, rice, lemon butter & oregano sauce
    add sundried tomato, olives & capers 84

    chicken vol-au-vent 110 
    chicken, mushrooms, cream, spring onion, chives, thyme & puff pastry shell

    steak tagliata 180
     250g thinly sliced grilled fillet tossed with rocket, roasted cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, soya sauce, chilli, garlic, ginger, pine nuts & parmesan shavings,
    served with fries

    fillet steak 169
     250g fillet steak served with fries
    add black pepper or mushroom sauce + 22

    portuguese sliced steak 196
     250g sliced fillet steak served with a spicy beef & garlic sauce, white onion pickle, homemade potato crisps &
    fried egg

    salmon teriyaki 86
     120g norwegian salmon, teriyaki, black rice, cucumber, spring onion, chilli & pickled ginger

    aubergine, veal & yoghurt crumble 95 
    roasted aubergine, veal mince, garlic, pine nuts, chilli flakes, mint & tahini yoghurt, sprinkled with pomegranate jewels & arabic bread crumbs

    soup 52
     enquire about our soup of the day


    boiled baby potatoes, mash, fries, rice, sweet potato wedges, brown rice 19

    side green salad 32

    side greek salad 38

    side vegetables 32


    choice of pasta - spaghetti, penne, fettuccine

    napoletana (v) 62
    traditional tomato based sauce

    arrabbiata (v) 64 
    tomato & chilli

    bolognese 84
     beef mince, tomato & onions

    creamy pesto 105
    chicken, button mushrooms, sundried tomato, pesto, cream & basil

    savva's chicken pasta 98
    grilled chicken strips, mushrooms, chives, garlic & cream

    broccoli pasta (v) 72
    roasted broccoli, leeks, burnt butter, creamed feta, broccoli puree, crispy sage, fresh parsley & micro basil

    extra fillings

    goats cheese, emmentaler, spinach 23
    grilled black mushroom 17
    halloumi 100g, avo, mozzarella 26
    cottage cheese, olives, parmesan, pesto, cheddar, feta 15
    aubergine, peppers, rocket, sundried tomatoes 13
    halloumi 200g 47
    mayo 11
    beef bacon 22
    chicken breast 22
    fillet 150g 55
    smoked salmon 57

    ask for any extra fillings not listed

    cold & iced drinks

    cold drinks 14

    homemade lemonade 32

    acqua panna 500ml 17 750ml 25

    san pellegrino 500ml 17 750ml 25

    milkshakes 30
    enquire about flavours

    coffee shake 39
    coffee blended with vanilla ice cream

    fruit shakes 37
    ice cream shake with fruit juice

    cino freezos (98% fat free) 37

    freshly squeezed juices

    carrot, beetroot, apple & lime 37
     pineapple, ginger, melon & mint 37
     apple, lime & ginger 37
      orange 30
     pineapple 30
     carrot 30
     apple 30
     pear 30
    watermelon juice 30
     add ginger + 5

    * ask the waitron for any other freshly squeezed juice


    classics 32
     crushed ice blended with a choice of fruit juice - lemon, granadilla, strawberry, mango, orange or apple

    cucumber, apple & mint 38 
    elderflower & pear 38
    pomegranate 38

    summer carafes

    all served in a 500ml carafe

    pineapple & ginger punch 40
     berry punch 40
     homemade ice teas - lemon or peach 32


    rose & raspberry 30
     lemongrass & ginger 30
     passionfruit 30


    espresso 18 
     single shot

    ristretto 16 
     short shot espresso

    double espresso  21
     double shot

    espresso macchiato 20 
     espresso with frothed milk

    latte macchiato 24 
     hot milk & espresso on the side

    caffe long black 20 
     traditional coffee

    cappuccino normale 25 
     double espresso topped with frothed milk

    cappuccino petite 23 
     espresso topped with frothed milk

    cold cappuccino  23
     double espresso with cold frothed milk & ice cubes

    caffe latte 24 
     espresso lungo with hot milk served in a mug

    caffe mocha 32 
     hot chocolate, espresso, cocoa & hot milk

    white caffe mocha 32 
    white hot chocolate, espresso & hot milk

    greek coffee 21 
     freshly brewed in small long handled pot
    (may be ordered sweet or metrio)

    flavoured lattes 27
     espresso lungo with hot milk & flavour of your choice

    affogato 27
     espresso, ice cream, mixed nuts, honey & mint

    an extra + 3 will be charged for decaffeinated coffee
    for almond milk and soya milk options + 5

    hot drinks

    imported teas 25

    hot chocolate 21

    tashas hot choc & marshmallows 36
     two spoons of nutella served with hot milk & marshmallows

    spanish latte 25
    double shot espresso with hot milk & condensed milk

    tashas virgin cocktails

    pina colada 40
    pineapple, coconut, coco syrup, coconut water

    tashas cosmo 40
    cranberry juice, lime, raspberries, sundried orange

    pimm's cocktail 40
     cucumber, pomegranate, raspberries, strawberries, ginger ale, lime & orange wedges

    mojito 40
    non-alcoholic triple sec, mojito syrup, lime, mint, raspberries, soda water

    passion fruit mojito 40
    non-alcoholic triple sec, wild mint, passion fruit syrup, lime, raspberries & soda water

    raspberry mojito 40
     non-alcoholic triple sec, wild mint, raspberry syrup, lime, raspberries & soda water

    strawberry mojito 40
    non-alcoholic triple sec, wild mint, strawberry syrup, lime, raspberries & soda water


    enquire about our cakes or tarts of the day

  • tapas

    all tapas served with pita

    patatas bravas 29
    battered cauliflower 29
    olive selection 40
    spinach & feta hummus 47
    baked hummus 42
    halloumi bites 45
    120g burrata cheese, basil & tomatoes 65

     octopus carpaccio & fennel 78
    edamame beans, avo & beetroot 42

    peri-peri chicken livers 36
    chicken & olives 42
    beef carpaccio 89

    fried squid heads 42
    grilled calamari 47
    spicy prawns 57

    *all prices are inclusive of 5% vat


    beef fillet & patatas bravas 202
    mediterranean beef burger 124
    chicken chops & fries (to share) 165
    seared salmon & cauliflower mash 175
    grilled calamari & fries 92
    grilled linefish & pan fried potato 194
    prawns & fries 206
    seafood paella 118


    crema catalana 60
    pumpkin fritters & condensed milk 53
    doxa’s chocolate slice 55
    bread & butter pudding 57

    frozen virgin cocktails

    scorpino 41
    lemon sorbet
    blood orange granitas 41
    blood orange & tangerine juice


    al bateen

    Unit B02 Cafe, Marsa, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi

    phone: +971 2 445 0890
    email: albateen@tashascafe.com

    sunday - saturday: 8:00am - 12:00am

    *Takeaways available from 11:00 am

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