tashas wafflehouse constantia

  • all our waffles are made according to our secret belgian style recipe. this ensures that they are light & crispy

    choose from 4 waffle bases

    plain R28
    choc chip R34
    red velvet R34
    vegan R42


    ice cream

    choose from either a sugar cone or a cup

    1 scoop R38
    2 scoops R68
    3 scoops R92
    1 scoop vegan R40
    1 scoop sugar free R40

    ice cream shakes

    made with your choice of 1 ice cream flavour & 1 topping R58

    toppings & syrups

    turkish delight R14
    wafers R14
    muesli R16
    chocolate chips R16
    banana R16
    caramel sauce R18
    chocolate sauce R18
    cream R18
    almonds R18
    oreos R22
    chocolate cigars R22
    chocolate balls R26
    mixed berries R26
    fresh fruit R26
    smarties & astros R26
    nutella R26
    strawberry coulis R26
    meringue R26
    imported cherries R32
    honey & various flavoured syrups no charge

    signature waffles

    lemon meringue waffle R104
    coconut waffle base, homemade lemon curd, meringue & lemon sorbet.

    red velvet cheese cake R112
    red velvet waffle base, cheese cake, mixed berries, strawberry coulis & strawberry sorbet

    banana mania R102
    choc chip waffle base, fresh banana, caramel sauce and chocolate & vanilla ice cream

    vegan banana R102
    vanilla vegan waffle, caramelised banana, coconut yoghurt, salted date caramel, toasted almonds, maple flavoured syrup & mint

    vegan raspberry R102
    vanilla vegan waffle, raspberrychia jam, fresh raspberries, coconut yoghurt, maple flavoured syrup & mint

    waffle house by tashas constantia

    shop 55, constantia village,
    constantia main road and spaanshemat river road, constantia, cape town

    phone: +27 21 794 5449
    email: constantia@tashascafe.com

    monday - thursday: 10.00am - 6.00pm
    friday - sunday: 9.00am - 6.00pm

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