tashas waterfront

inspired by spain

  • breakfast

    our free-range eggs may be ordered fried, scrambled or poached
    *these breakfasts are served with a side order of toast, butter & jam

    * classic R128
    two eggs, bacon, two italian sausages, mushrooms & tomato

    * mini R84
    one egg, bacon, one italian sausage, mushrooms & tomato

    breakfast royale R122 (v)
    two poached eggs, asparagus or spinach, lemon sauce & seeded bread
    add option of crispy parma ham + R50 / macon + R36 / bacon + R28

    hummus toastie R108 (v)
    hummus, rocket, avo, roasted cherry tomatoes, feta, poached egg, za’atar spice & toasted village bread

    classic french toast R88 (v)
    brioche french toast, berries, cinnamon sugar & maple flavoured syrup
    add option of streaky bacon + R28 / macon + R36

    *plain omelette or scrambled R54 (v)
    our free-range omelettes & scrambled eggs are made with three eggs or egg whites

    *scrambled sweetcorn R96
    scrambled eggs, creamy sweetcorn, bacon, spring onion, italian hard cheese & micro herbs

    *salmon scrambled R118
    40g smoked salmon trout, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese & chives

    *old school omelette R106
    herb omelette, tomato, bacon, spring onions, mushrooms & grated cheddar

    butternut zucchini rosti R98
    butternut & zucchini rostis, labneh, lime, grilled onions, rocket, red onion, chives, roasted butternut, pickled red onion, coriander, sunflower & pumpkin seeds
    add option of egg + R10 / salmon + R66 / bacon + R28

    healthy appetite

    fruit salad R78 (v)
    add yoghurt + R30 / add muesli + R22

    citrus sunrise R122 (v)
    citrus fruit, banana, oat crumble, honey cream yoghurt, pistachio nuts & rose syrup

    dr paw paw R122 (v)
    paw paw, yoghurt, chopped almonds & honey

    creamed avo on toast R124 (v)
    creamed almond & avo dressing, fennel, labneh, chives, parsley, spiced pistachio, cucumber & gluten-free bread
    egg option + R10

    oats R52 (v)
    oats served with milk & honey
    option of banana + R12 / option of berries + R26

    little miss sunshine R88 (v)
    homemade granola, caramelised fruits, yoghurt, berries, paw paw curd, coconut flakes & mint

    tashas comfort quinoa bowl R104 (v)
    red & white quinoa, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed brown mushrooms, napoletana, chives, spring onion, egg & crispy chilli mushrooms



    toasted mexican flat bread or whole wheat wrap

    the sao paulo R104
     grilled chicken, lemon, chilli marinade, cheddar, sundried tomatoes, coriander & yoghurt

    the south african R114 
    chicken mayo, mozzarella & gherkins

    the greenland R102 (v)
    avo, pistachio nuts, feta, mozzarella, baby spinach, rocket & basil pesto mayo


    prepared on ciabatta, rye or seeded

    rump zarmie R120
    150g strips of grilled rump, grilled onions, tomato, rocket & dijon mustard

    schnitzel sarmie R148 
    two crumbed chicken breasts, tomato, avo, red onion salsa & french dressing

    rodeo drive R132 
    mustard mayo chicken, avo, bacon strips & lettuce

    whole wheat chicken wrap R94
    whole wheat wrap, grilled chicken breast, avo, low fat cottage cheese, cucumber, carrot, radish, baby spinach & dijon mustard

    sicilian panini R92 (v)
    ciabatta, olive tapenade, napoletana, sauteed brown mushrooms, capers, olives, roasted cherry tomatoes, basil & mozzarella
    add option of anchovy +R20 / bacon +R28

    toasted sandwiches & croissants

    a choice of white, brown, rye or seeded bread /
    gluten-free bread + R24 / croissants + R14

    cheese & tomato R58
    chicken mayo R78
    bacon & avo R82
    bacon & egg R74
    anchovette & tomato R42
    tuna mayo 170g R98
    plain croissant R42
    nutella filled croissant R58


    please ask your waiter for extra options not listed

    yoghurt R30
    muesli R22
    goat cheese R38
    sundried tomatoes R28
    rocket R12
    cottage cheese R24
    olives R26
    cheddar R20
    feta R16
    mozzarella R22
    avo R32
    italian hard cheese R26
    halloumi R42
    italian sausage R32
    pesto R34
    spinach R36
    chicken breast R36
    macon R36
    bacon R28
    parma ham R50
    150g rump R66
    40g smoked salmon trout R66
    tuna 170g R58


    chopped house salad R98 (v)
     avo, cabbage, gem lettuce, cherry tomato, red onion, coriander, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, black sesame seeds & lemon vinaigrette
    chicken option R128

    tashas caesar R108 (v)
    baby spinach, gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, croutons, boiled egg or cold poached egg, crispy parma ham, italian hard cheese & caesar anchovy dressing
    chicken option R138

    smoking salmon  R138
    40g smoked salmon trout, cottage cheese, capers, asparagus, basil, rocket, micro herbs, cherry tomato, red onion & melba toast

    texas salad R122 (v)
    corn, rocket, butter lettuce, basil, feta, cherry tomatoes, olives & lemon basil dressing
    chicken option R152 bifteki option R162
    150g rump option R178

    butternut salad R118 (v)
    roasted butternut, butter lettuce, rocket, roasted cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, avo, orange & mustard dressing & a choice of feta or goat cheese
    chicken option R148

    halloumi salad R136 (v)
    halloumi, baby spinach, rocket, red onion, mint, cranberries, pistachios, avo, croutons, chives, parsley & pomegranate dressing

    chicken brown rice salad R122 
    middle eastern spiced chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, gem lettuce, brown rice, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, parsley, lemon yoghurt & pomegranate dressing

    chicken crunch salad R112
    grilled chicken, white cabbage, grilled corn, green beans, radish, parsley, almonds, lemon & tahini yoghurt, spring onion & lemon vinaigrette

    barley & broccoli salad R126 (v)
    barley, charred long stem broccoli, rocket, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions, pumpkin seeds, lemon basil dressing, feta yoghurt, sunflower seed brittle & preserved lemon
    quinoa option R132 / brown rice option R126

    easy eating

    allow 20 minutes preparation time / extra 10 minutes for meat well done
    *you may swop starch for starch on mains

    salmon trout fish cakes R174 
    pink salmon & smoked salmon trout mixed with red onion, potato, dill & chives, a fennel & baby potato salad, parsley, radish & a lemon parsley mayo

    salmon tartare R268
    160g raw chopped salmon, coriander, red onion, soy sauce, avo, chilli, cherry tomato, lime & melba toast

    grilled salmon R268
    160g herb crusted grilled salmon, crushed baby potatoes, capers, spring onion, chives, rocket & lemon mustard vinaigrette

    panko hake R146 
    crumbed hake, homemade tartare sauce, fries, peas, lemon & parsley

    parmesan & couscous crusted chicken
    chicken breast coated in couscous & parmesan, goat cheese, fennel, long stem broccoli & herb salad
    half R128 full R172

    lemon chicken R132 
    cubed chicken breasts, rice, lemon butter & oregano sauce
    add sundried tomatoes, olives & capers R174

    tashas style prego served with fries
    chicken R114 150g rump R128

    beef burger
    two 125g homemade mini beef burger patties, red onion, tomato, gem lettuce, sesame seed buns & fries
    plain R132 cheese R142

    mediterranean lamb cutlets R298
    400g lamb cutlets, tzatziki, fries & a feta, olive, tomato & red onion salad

    250g steak served with fries
    rump picanha R178 / fillet R228
    add black pepper or mushroom sauce + R54


    fries, rice R32
    side green salad R56
    side greek salad R58
    broccoli R46
    butternut R32
    crushed baby potatoes R28
    grilled tomatoes R18
    asparagus R74
    pepper sauce R54
    mushroom sauce R54
    lemon butter sauce R30
    prego sauce R30


    choice of penne, linguine
    zucchini spaghetti + R12 / gluten - free pasta +R12

    ninetta’s napoletana R86 (v)
    tomato based sauce & fresh basil

    arrabbiata  R88 (v)
    tomato based sauce, chilli & fresh basil

    bolognese R124
     beef mince cooked in a traditional tomato sauce

    savva's chicken pasta R154
     grilled chicken strips, mushrooms, chives, garlic & cream

    creamy pesto R176
     chicken, button mushrooms, sundried tomato, pesto, cream, basil & white wine

    zucchini rosa R98 (v)
     zucchini spaghetti, roasted cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, capers, baby spinach, napoletana & crispy chilli mushrooms



    enquire about our soup of the day R78

    cold & iced drinks

    cold drinks 300ml R28 

    appletizers / grapetiser 330ml R36 

    mixers 200ml R27

    roses cordials R10
     lime, passion fruit, kola tonic

    rock shandy R54
    half lemonade, half soda & bitters

    valpre mineral water still & sparkling R28

    surgiva mineral still & sparkling glass bottle
    500ml R44 
    1lt R68

    local iced teas R36

    lemon soda / oran soda R38

    freshly squeezed fruit juice R48
    carrot, apple, orange, pineapple, pear
    add ginger + R15

    green juice R49
    apple, cucumber, mint, kale & lemon

    milkshakes R44 
    enquire about our flavours

    frullatos R64 
    ice cream shake with pieces of fresh fruit

    freezos (98% fat free) R48


    breakfast shot R24 - ginger, orange & honey
    turmeric shot R28 - ginger, lemon, turmeric & honey

    gelati caffe

    coffee shake R44 
     espresso blended with vanilla ice cream
    dom pedro R62 
     ice cream & liqueur


    add whey protein + R28 / add collagen powder + R28

    peanut protein R68
    peanut butter, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, spiced agave syrup & cinnamon

    berry açaí R68
    banana, berries, coconut milk, dates, açaí, cranberry & honey

    golden mango rooibos R68
    mango, yoghurt, honey, orange, chia, turmeric & a rooibos shot

    green goddess R68
    banana, pineapple, kale, apple, honey, mint, cucumber & lemon


    classics R38
    crushed ice blended with choice of fruit juice - lemon, strawberry, mango

    cucumber, apple & mint R44 
    cucumber syrup, apple, mint & crushed ice

    elderflower & pear R44 
    pear, apple juice, elderflower syrup & crushed ice

    lemon & rose tea R44 
    lemon ice tea, rose syrup & crushed ice

    cherry & lemongrass R44
     cherry syrup, lemongrass syrup,
    cranberry juice & crushed ice


    espresso R25 
    single shot

    double espresso R29  
    double shot

    espresso macchiato R30  
    espresso with frothed milk

    caffe long black R30 
     traditional coffee

    greek coffee R34 
    freshly brewed in a small long handled pot
    ( may be ordered sweet or metrio)

    cappuccino normale R35  
    double espresso topped with frothed milk

    cappuccino petite R31 
     espresso topped with frothed milk

    cappuccino con panna R40 
    espresso topped with whipped cream

    rooibos cappuccino R37 
     rooibos espresso topped with frothed milk

    caffe latte R35  
    espresso with hot milk served in a mug

    roasted hazelnut latte R41  
    espresso lungo with hot milk & hazelnut syrup

    an extra R4 will be charged for decaffeinated coffees
    almond milk + R10 / soya milk + R10 / oat milk + R10

    hot drinks

    teas R25 
     five roses, rooibos, earl grey, chamomile

    imported teas R30  
    moroccan mint, english breakfast, jasmine queen

    hot choc R33  
    spiced chai R33

    tashas hot choc & marshmallows R48  
    nutella served with hot milk & marshmallows
    on the side

    homemade honeybush chai R33

    tashas cocktails

    mojito R86 
     white rum, lime, strawberry, mint & schweppes soda

    turkish delight R72  
    vodka, cranberry juice, lime & rose syrup

    strawberry daiquiri R82  
    white rum, strawberry, lime & mint sugar

    pimm's R68  
    pimm’s, lemonade, strawberry, cucumber, orange & lemon

    cherry mint wine spritzer R66  
    dry white wine, cherry, mint, cranberry juice & schweppes soda

    aperol spritz R86
    aperol, cinzano pro spritz & schweppes soda

    ales & spirit

    beers local
    beers imported



    enquire about our cakes of the day


    orange mille-feuille R96
    phyllo pastry, orange sabayon, orange confit

    churro cookie sandwich R66
    cinnamon churro cookie, vanilla frozen yoghurt

    milk cake R82
    milk cake, whipped cream, cinnamon

    spiced pumpkin fritters R72
    pumpkin fritters, honey butter, vanilla bean ice cream

    frozen yoghurt cup R34
    turkish delight R14
    toasted flaked almonds R18
    dulce de leche R18
    nougat R26 italian cherries R32


    Sparkling Wine, Prosecco & Champagne
    Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc R290
    Graham Beck MCC NV Brut R390, dinkie R195 
    Graham Beck Rosé MCC NV Brut R395 
    Zonin Prosecco R320 dinkie R118
    Moët & Chandon Impérial NV Brut Champagne R1480
    Veuve Clicquot Yellow NV Brut Champagne R1680


    Sophie Te'blanche Sauvignon Blanc R220
    Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc R280 glass R93
    Buitenverwachting Sauvignon Blanc R230 glass R77
    Waterford Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc R260
    Babylonstoren Chenin Blanc R230 glass R77
    Villiera Chenin Blanc R170
    Mullineux Kloof Street Chenin Blanc R220
    Glen Carlou Petit Chardonnay R320
    De Wetshof Limestone Hill Chardonnay R220 glass R73
    Creation Viognier R280


    Vondeling Rosé R170
    Waterford Rose-Mary R250 glass R83
    Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé R270
    Mirabelle Rosé R 230


    Kleine Zalze Cellar Carbernet Sauvignon R220 glass R73
    Cavalli Colt Cabernet Sauvignon R420
    Diemersdal Merlot R260 glass R87
    De Grendal Merlot R320
    Tokara Shiraz R260
    Vrede en Lust Lady J Syrah R320 glass R107
    Warick the First Lady Pinotage R230 glass R77
    Kanonkop Kadette Pinotage R280
    Sutherland Pinot Noir R360
    Waterford Pecan Stream Pebble Hill Blend R200
    Eikendal Charisma Blend R260 glass R87
    De Toren Délicate Blend R390
    Groot Constantia Constantia Rood Blend R390



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    phone: +27 21 421 4350
    email: waterfront@tashascafe.com

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