our team

tashas people are people’s people.

tashas has always been more than just a team of co-workers. We began as a family business and we have grown into an extended family of friends bonded by our commitment to bringing you the very best, most generous experience we can.

  • When I opened the doors of my first tashas, my father was right there by my side. And today, my brother Savva is still the most invaluable part of our team. He helps to turn my vision into reality, steering the operations and unfailingly implementing the tashas way.

    We also know that building a community of team players is just as important as fostering individual careers. We understand that happy, fulfilled people make happy, successful teams. That’s why every person that walks through our doors whether part of our team or customer, is treated as equally special.

    Our success as a team relies on these shared values and vision.